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Targeted Injury  Treatment

Do you have an injury due to day to day tasks, your job or an accident? I can offer a targeted assessment and treatment plan for you with remedial exercises you can complete in your own home to help heal and prevent future injury. 

Do you suffer from aches and pains following sports and exercise?

Sports massage allows the release of muscular tension, promotes flexibility, mobility and healing to prevent future injury. Whether it's a full body release that you require or targeted areas from specific activity, sports massage will help improve your overall sports performance.

My services do not end after your treatment session, with personalised aftercare plans which include remedial exercises, stretches and activities emailed directly to you

 to help relieve pain and speed up the healing process.


Anna-Leigh Willis

I am a 25 year old fully qualified sports therapist who has always had a passion for sport and weight lifting. I currently train 5 days a week, with a focus on strength training and nutrition. As someone who always wanted to better my own performance, I started getting regular sports therapy treatment which peaked my interest and passion for sports massage due to the results it gave me. 

I gained my level 5 soft tissue therapy diploma through the Oxford school of Sports Massage in October 2022. Through this course I learnt how to assessment and treat individual joints and muscles through out the body using advanced soft tissue techniques. 

Since qualifying I have had a growing number of clients, whether its a one off massage or an ongoing treatment plan with great success and positive feedback. 

Anna-Leigh Willis - Absolute Sports Therapy
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